January 3, 2011

Winter in the White Mountains

A typical winter day...
 Winter for some people might mean wrapping up in a warm blanket in front of a cozy fireplace. But if you like winter sports and adventure, you might want to think about taking a trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowtubing, snowshoeing, hiking, ice climbing and dog sled rides are examples of activites available on and off the slopes.

I went on my first dogsled ride about three weeks ago and it was so much fun! It was a nice day without too much wind and I was able to enjoy crisp air, fresh  snow, and the speed of the team of sled dogs.

Dog Sledding in Jefferson, NH

On the night of the full moon in December, my friend Aliza and I decided to check out a full moon snowshoe event at the Adair Inn in Bethlehem.

The country estate was built in 1927 by Frank Hogan, a successful Washington DC attorney as a wedding gift to his only daughter, Dorothy Adair Hogan. The inn was a private home until 1991 and is now a small country inn on 200 acres.

We enjoyed a buffet dinner with interesting guests before going out on a guided snowshoe walk. Our guide was Nigel Manley from the Rocks Estate in Bethlehem who led us past snow covered stone walls, magnificent pine trees and birch trees that glistened in the moonlight. We identified animal tracks (deer, fox, and snowshoe hare) and learned about the American Tree Farm system.
Although we started with a somewhat cloudy evening the full moon did shine through while we were on our walk.

The evening ended with mulled apple cider and s'mores at the fire pit. We had a great time, the food was excellent and so was the company. Similar events are being offered in January and February on the night of the full moon.

The Adair Inn in Bethlehem, NH

Toasting marshmallows at the fire pit

 I haven't been skiing in well over a decade but hitting the slopes is next on our list. January 3-9 2011 is Learn to ski and ride free week in NH. We just made our reservations for rentals and lessons.

During the last weekend in January, there will be a three day Snow Sculpture event in Jackson, NH. Some of the competing teams are using this weekend as a practice run for a national competition. Other activites will be offered in town such as sleigh rides, a bonfire, and snow art. This sounds like something worth checking out.

13 Mile Woods

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