September 26, 2011

A few more Weathervanes...

Errol, NH

near Woodstock, NH

Amherst, NH

Milford, NH

Milford, NH

Milford, NH

Milford, NH

Merrimack, NH

Barn Charm

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September 24, 2011

Fall Foliage in NH

It's that time of year...the colors just seemed to "pop" at the end of this week.

Eagle at Lake Umbagog

September 20, 2011

ABC Wednesday - J

J is for Jack-o-lanterns...

A jack-o-lantern is typically a carved pupkin. It is associated with halloween and was named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called ignis fatuus or jack-o'-lantern.

Keene Pumpkin Festival

The tradition of carving a jack-o-lantern started in Ireland. However, it was traditionally sliced out of a swede or a turnip. They were created on All Hallow's Eve and left on the door step to ward off evil spirits.  An offering or, as we now know it, a "treat", would also be commonly left to placate roaming sprites and evil spirits  who otherwise might 'fiddle' with property or livestock (play a "trick").
Jack-o-lanterns at camp -  from our garden pumpkins

Once the tradition moved to the USA, it was adapted to the carving of a pumpkin as these vegetables were more readily available, bigger and easier to carve.

Keene Pumpkin Festival

Keene Pumpkin Festival

September 18, 2011

A few more cupolas and weathervanes...

Franconia, NH

Now that I started taking pictures of weathervanes...I see them everywhere!!

Weathervane Theatre Whitefield, NH

Whitefield, NH

Lancaster, NH

Gorham, NH

Gorham, NH

Gorham, NH

Gorham, NH

September 15, 2011

The Gardens at Maple Hill Farm

I had not yet met Ellen Nichols the first few times I went to Maple Hill Farm. I knew that Maple Hill Farm had beautiful gardens and a trail system operated by the Beaver Brook Association. It was a beautiful place to visit and I would go there with my children who were about 3 and 4 years old.

I was working as the Activities Director at an Assisted Living Facility when I met Ellen Nichols who was there only a short time recovering from an injury (I believe it was a broken hip). We talked about the area and Hollis, NH and she asked if I was familiar with Maple Hill Farm. Of course I was, and explained how I would take my boys there. She was thrilled as she explained that she and her husband, Hollis Nichols, had donated the land and that the Beaver Brook Association had been founded by her husband and his cousin.

This past weekend I went back to visit the gardens. It has been at least eight years since I visited. It was a beautiful place to spend the afternoon, a great place to say good-bye to summer, and great place to remember a lovely lady from Hollis, NH.

Ellen B. Nichols
May 5th 1911 - Sept 22nd 2000

September 14, 2011

A Day at the Farm...

I love that time as autumn approaches when the apples are ready for picking and the pumpkins have turned orange. We took my "little pumpkin" out to the Lull Farm this past Sunday.