September 6, 2011

Squash Soup, Paul McCartney, and Water, Water Everywhere...

Last week was a slow one. After all the flooding from Tropical Storm Irene, we had no computer connectivity at work, in fact, I just got email back today. We were spared at home and with our backup generator, we were comfortable even when we lost power. It was as though we were in a bubble. We were spared but around us to the east, west, and south, there was considerable damage and devastation.

We went out at the begining of the storm on roads that were later washed away and may not be accessible for quite some time. Scary... because the foliage season is about to begin and tourism brings a considerable income to folks in the north country of NH and the state of Vermont.

I had picked up a beautiful boston marrow squash at a farm stand and decided to make some squash soup. While roasting the squash and some apples and pears, I picked up the local weekly newspaper and was drawn to a headline about Paul McCartney. Apparently he was here, last month, in the north country of NH to attend the wedding of his neice at a private residence in Lisbon.

Little did I know that Linda McCartney's sister, Louise and her husband Charles Weed have owned a second home in the next town near the Lisbon-Landaff line for several years. The wedding was held at the Weed farm and a pre-wedding dinner was held at the Sunset Hill house the night before.

I have been a big Beatles fan since I was six or seven years old. I grew up listening to the Beatles and each member seperately. I also developed a keen interest in photography from childhood on and Linda McCartney, as a photographer, was a huge role model for me.


I love to take photos and view those of others...I like to share how I see the world and then see the world from a variety of perspectives.

Oh, and the soup came out great!

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TexWisGirl said...

glad you were okay and comfortable during the storm. and paul m. just goes to show how small the world really is. :)