May 26, 2011


Lilacs are a symbol of the emotions of early love.

The color lilac used to be associated with mourning. Black was worn or used to symbolize a recent death in some European and North American cultures. But after a year of mourning, key mourners, such as the widow, could switch to lilac for clothing, the border on stationary, etc. This is mostly an older use, such as in the late 1800s.
Like other variations of purple, lilac is also associated with spirituality.
Syringa vulgaris (Lilac) is the state flower of New Hampshire, because it "is symbolic of that hardy character of the men and women of the Granite State" .

May is lilac here in New England,
May is a thrush singing “Sun up!” on a tip-top ash tree,  
May is white clouds behind pine-trees  
Puffed out and marching upon a blue sky.  
May is a green as no other,
May is much sun through small leaves,  
May is soft earth,
And apple-blossoms,
And windows open to a South Wind.  
May is full light wind of lilac
From Canada to Narragansett Bay.

False blue,
Color of lilac.
Heart-leaves of lilac all over New England,  
Roots of lilac under all the soil of New England,  
Lilac in me because I am New England,
Because my roots are in it,
Because my leaves are of it,
Because my flowers are for it,  
Because it is my country
-excerpts from "Lilacs" by Amy Lowell


texwisgirl said...

oh the furry bee on the lilacs - be(e) still my heart!

SouthCoast Guy said...

great photos, my lilac has never bloomed, not sure why, but maybe one day!

~mel said...

Beautiful lilacs! They are so fragrant ~ and can perfume the whole yard with their scent. I love them. Great bee photo too:) It's suppose to freeze by me tonight ~ last year all my lilac buds froze off and I didn't get a single bloom. I'm tossing a sheet over my bush tonight to ward off some of the predicted frost ~ maybe I'll get a few blooms this time.

Aries Aja Masaries said...

Veryyyy Nice Pic.... GOOD JOB Mrs. Ruth

ONG said...

Wow, can seriously smell them through the screen. Look forward to following along on this blog.

Christine's Pantry said...

Beautiful lilacs! Love the photos!