May 6, 2012

Granny Stalbird

"Granny" Stalbird, also known as Deborah Vicker, was only the second woman to settle in the town of Jefferson. She was a servant girl and cook arriving with Colonel Joseph Whipple in 1774.  She married Richard Stalbird and gave birth to five children. After she was widowed, she became the first female doctor in the area and was held in high esteem. Granny was known to have traveled on horseback with hood and long plaid coat and her medicine bag, healing those by drawing from her nursing training and her knowledge of Native American remedies.

One history book notes that some people in town thought Granny was witch for she used herbal remedies and befriended the local Native Americas. Back in the mid-1800's anyone with such knowledge was probably regarded by the locals as having unnatural knowledge of plants and herbs. It is also said that Granny made the first maple syrup in Jefferson.

Her family lived for four generations at the property now known as the Applebrook Bed & Breakfast.

The family owners of the Bed and Breakfast worked to have this historic marker placed. A celebration was held this week. Unfortunately, the B&B went under foreclosure auction this week.

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Genie said...

That is so sad about the foreclosure. As yet we do not know anyone affected by this mess. Your post was so interesting. It is always fun to learn some new history. It keep one young. Thanks for the visit to my blog. genie