March 29, 2012


What a great week for wildlife viewing! First the moose and otter, then all the wild turkeys, and today...a porcupine!

Happy Anniversary Camera Critters

March 28, 2012

Turkeys a'courtin'

Wild Turkey Mating

As days get longer, (March and April) this signals the beginning of the turkey mating season. I was so lucky to find a few groups of turkeys today (in Amherst and New Boston) in full courting mode. I got some really great shots!

This male Wild Turkey is displaying for the female.

During mating season, the male will erect his tail and spread it like a fan. His wattles are more brightly colored and will swell. He will puff out his feathers and droop or even drag his wings.

This male is strutting around making gobbling sounds.

All males operate through a rigid pecking order. The dominant male mates the most.

After a male finishes mating with one hen, he immediately looks for another.

Since males are not worrying about taking care of any newborns, they have plenty of time to preen and strut.

March 27, 2012

Barn Charm 78

This photo is from a few weeks ago in Amherst, NH. Over the last week, the grass is turning that beautiful and vibrant Spring green.

March 24, 2012

A morning ramble...

I got up to my camp in Twin Mountain yesterday evening, I set out this morning at sunrise to look for moose...

 added bonus was finding a pair of otter playing in the water and resting on a small ice shelf at Saco Lake.

March 20, 2012

Welcome Spring!

Welcome Spring....Time for all the Earth to sing!

...the view from Uncanoonuc

March 17, 2012

Purgatory Road...Barn Charm 77

Took a drive today down Purgatory Road and in that area around Mont Vernon, Milford, and Lyndeboro...

Mont Vernon was originally a part of the town of Amherst, New Hampshire.

There continues to be debate about the naming of Mont Vernon. Some say that the original intent was to name the town after "Mount Venon" and that an early typographical error resulted in its current name. This theory is entirely possible, as the first post office was called the MOUNT Vernon post office.

About two miles from the village of Mont Vernon, in the westerly edge of town is "Purgatory," a natural curiosity--a deep ravine more than half a mile in length, through which Black Brook makes its way. At the "Upper Falls," the brook plunges perpendicularly more than fifty feet into a deep chasm or pit. The stream makes several further leaps, known as "Lower Falls." 

 An annual "Purgatory Picnic" was held in August and in August of 1885, three hundred persons attended.
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March 16, 2012

Turkey in the Trees...

Well, I've heard of  'Turkey in the Straw' but had to stop and get a few shots of these Turkey in the Trees...

...Amherst, NH.

March 14, 2012

Spring Skiing

Well, it isn't officially spring...but the weather says it is! We had a great time in Waterville Valley at the Snowy Owl Inn.

The town's population at the 2010 census was 247. Notable inhabitants include H.A. Rey and Margaret Rey, co-authors of the 'Curious Geroge' books. The Waterville Valley Elementary School has 41 students enrolled for kindergarten through 8th grade this school year.

Red Tailed Hawk

Coming home from our ski trip to 70 degree weather, I spied a red tailed hawk. I got a few shots before it noticed me and flew away.