May 28, 2011

Something really unexpected...

I got up early this morning and decided to grab a cup of coffee and get some potting soil from the garden center. When I returned to my car in the parking lot I noticed I had a portion of snake (yes, I said a snake) sticking out of my hub cap. I was at a loss for what to do. I went home and put on my gardening gloves and attempted to pull the rest of the snake out. I got about 6" out and then it broke was awful.
I couldn't believe this snake could get into my hub cap as the space was nearly as thin as a dime.
I was feeling a little traumatized so I went down to the Tire Warehouse and asked the guys to help me get the rest of the snake out. I guess no one had ever come in to ask them to get a snake out of a tire before and a small group had gathered to see what was under the hub cap. I didn't realize how easy it was to pop off the hub cap or I could have done it myself. Sadly, I believe it was the garter snake that I had seen all week in the garden.

I needed to focus on something more positive and decided to check the nest on the porch...

The baby robins are feathering out.

When you wish upon a a dandelion and blow all the spores away,
close your eyes, make a wish, and may it come true some day

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texwisgirl said...

aww. poor snake... but the baby robins are safe for sure now! :)