January 9, 2011

Wildlife watching in north country NH

A collection of video clips from Spring/Summer 2010


Peacemom said...

Hi Ruta! Thanks for commenting over on my blog, I'll check out Tractor Supply chicken swap, great suggestion! I'm seeing all your pictures of the things that made up my childhood and are wondering where you live? I'm originally from Milan, and this scenery sure looks familiar! Glad to have found your blog, I'll keep checking in. ~Vonnie

~mel said...

AWESOME VIDEO!!! Thanks for sharing!
I noticed on your sidebar the picture of the Bugler tobacco can with the hydrangea and chinese lantern plants in it ... I have that same can sitting on my desk in my office holding pens. 2 cool.

Ruta said...

Oh, that's great! I found mine in a basement full of nails, nuts and bolts.