January 23, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner

We are in the thick of winter with an artic blast on top of us. It feels too cold to go out and really enjoy anything I like to do.The high's today will only be single digits. It's hard to get motivated - I want to stay in my pj's and feel like hibernating.

It's hard to beat the winter blah's...but Erica came up with a great idea for a dinner party - A "Breakfast for Dinner" (with pj's optional) party.

Belgian waffles, eggs, bacon, spinach squares, muffins fresh from the oven, french bread with brie, and fresh fruit salad...there was something very comforting about eating breakfast foods in our pajamas in a warm and cozy setting.

It was easy to leave the cold and snow out of sight and out of mind for the evening - until it was time to go home.

I found a recipie for a light and flavorful fruit salad.

I used half a  fresh pineapple, a small package of blueberries, about half a pound of green grapes (sliced in half), 2 kiwi, and three medium firm bananas. After slicing the bananas, I coated them in juice from a fresh lemon to keep them from browning. In a small bowl, I mixed 5 Tbsp of honey and one tsp of lemon juice as a dressing which was poured over the fruit and mixed well. The fruit salad was then chilled and served about an hour later.

This morning I am eating the leftover fruit.


Peacemom said...

Fruit, yum! We belong to a CSA that gets fruit and veggies from only the east coast in winter, and we've had the most amazing organic grapefruit and strawberries this winter. So good! Like Sunshine on a plate! What kind of dog is Spike, he's so cute (well, they all are, but I love his expression in that picture).

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Perfect! PJs and breakfast for dinner are two of my favorite things! :)

Ruta said...

Spike is a French Bulldog - much larger than most. He is a really good boy!

Breakfast for dinner with friends and PJ's and a couple of dogs was fun!

I did start looking for the seeds I saved from last year...which I have scattered around and am motivated to get organized!