January 30, 2011

Snowshoeing in Crawford Notch

Yesterday was a perfect day to be outdoors. We decided to head to Jackson to check out the snow sculpture contest. It was sunny and I think it got up to around 27 degrees in the afternoon. I wanted to stop in Bretton Woods to go snowshoeing on the way over. I had seen people cross country skiing and snowshoeing on some trails that looked interesting. When we got there we saw a sign that said "Don't even think of entering without a trail pass". I don't even know who owns the land...maybe the Mount Washington Hotel??
Anyway, it was a very unfriendly sign.
We drove on to Crawford Notch and decided to stop near the site of the old Willey House.

There were a couple of nice trails through the woods and there was no cost or trail passes involved.
We then stopped for coffee and scones at the White Mountain Cider House on our way to Jackson. The snow sculptures were at the Black Mountain ski area which seemed to be a very family friendly destination.

Then it was back home to clean the chicken coop and the rabbit cages. It was nice to get out in the sunshine before the next big storm hits.

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