June 10, 2011

Lovin' the Lupine...

This morning I got up early. With coffee in hand and my camera beside me, I drove out to Sugar Hill to the Sampler field.

We had an electrical storm last night with pouring rain. Now the sun was coming out and the lupine were gorgeous! Although many come to see the lupine, I had the entire field to myself.

There wasn't a soul around but birds were chirping in every direction and bees and insects were buzzing about.

The Sampler field has a 'poetry walk' and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading verses and listening to the birds and the beauty of the lupine and the mountains.


texwisgirl said...

those are just gorgeous blooms! that would have been a great way to start any day - especially since you got to enjoy it with only fields, flowers and birds to keep you company!

SouthCoast Guy said...

Great Pictures...it looks very peaceful there