February 28, 2011

Sausage Bread

I woke up today to a mix of snow and sleet. I knew I would be spending most of the day indoors. I did have to run out to the store for a few essentials. At the co-op, I found some breakfast sausage from a local farm down the road. Perfect for something I haven't made in a long time - sausage bread.

I thaw a loaf of frozen bread dough and brown about a pound of sausage with a chopped pepper (I use a red pepper to add some color) and a clove of pressed garlic. I quickly ran to the chicken coop and found two beautiful eggs. I separate one egg - saving the white for later. I place another egg and the egg yolk in a bowl with cheeses (I used mozarella and provolone this time) add the sausage and mix it all together.

Next I roll out the bread dough and spread the sausage mixture over the dough. Then roll the dough up jelly-roll style and brush the top with the remaining egg white. Into the oven to bake for about 40 minutes at 350 and it's done.

Let it cool a bit and slice it. Great to have with a glass of cold milk!


small farm girl said...

Wow! Looks really good!

Ruta said...

It is so good!

Peacemom said...

Oh, that's like stromboli! Yummy!! I make that for Friday night date night for hubby and I once in a while, it's a fun meal with a salad. I have some venison sausage....I might have to whip one up this Friday! Thanks for reminding me, it's been a while....~Vonnie

Ruta said...

Oh, is that what it's called...I just love it. Venison sausage...that sounds interesting I might have to try it. :)