February 24, 2011

Beating the Winter Blahs...

We got teased with some warm weather last week. Now I hear we could get a foot of snow tomorrow and maybe more on Monday. I have heard the same comment all day..."I'm done with winter".

Although I am happy to see the days getting longer, I am done with below zero temps, heating bills, and the colds that seem to be going around.

I really enjoy living in NH with the four seasons, but sometimes winter just gets too long. I think we are experiencing the winter blahs.
One thing that perked me up was the Amaryllis that I got for Christmas. It always excites me to watch something grow and that splash of color was beautiful.

Another exciting day was when my first seed packets arrived. I have spent many days dreaming of my garden and making plans for expansion.

It's a great time to feed winter birds. Over the last few years we have had boreal chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and cardinals at our feeder. This year a pair of red squirrels took over the area and like to chase all the birds away.

I am also comforting myself with food and trying to balance that with some exercise...walking and snowshoeing. Yesterday I made homemade bread and homemade butter. I know...carbs and fat... but it was so delicious!

If you have some tips on beating the winter blahs, please share them...I need some motivation!

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