April 10, 2011

How the week went...

Well, I wrenched my back last weekend and was out of commission for a few days. Boy, do I have a new appreciation for people who suffer from chronic back pain! I am happy to say I am feeling a little better each day...this weekend was beautiful and I was finally able to get around a bit and enjoy some time outdoors.

The snow was melting and our little brook was swelling.

The first crocus' are coming up.

...and the rhubarb.

I wanted to get up early this morning and look for wildlife. We grabbed some coffee and headed out to Twin Mountain.

...oh, yeah...plenty of frost heaves!

We saw three beautiful deer but they took off before I could get my camera out. Then we saw this guy...

Twin Mountain Moose

This huge hawk was sitting in a tree until it saw me...ooops!

on our way home we saw this guy...

Tom Turkey...

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


~mel said...

What a nice collection of photos ~ thanks for sharing! I would love to see a moose. Your crocus photo looks like it's floating in air. AWESOME!

Ruta said...

Thank you Mel!
I had not seen one moose all winter, and I get excited each and every time I see one.
This was such a harsh winter...I am so excited that spring is finally here!

*The Old Geezer said...

Fantastic looking photos! That big turkey with the blue nose reminds me of one of my uncles :-)

Back pain is the pits! I hope you feel better soon :-)

have a nice weekend :-)


Ruta said...

Thank you! I am feeling much better this week, however I am being very mindful of not straining my back.
Have a great weekend!