July 27, 2011

Eat Local Challenge August 7-13

Can you eat only what is grown and produced within 100 miles for a week?  This is what I will be attempting for the 'Eat Local Week Challenge' happening August 7th through the 13th.

It’s a living experiment in local eating to reconnect you with your food, your local farmers, the seasons, and the landscape you live in.

When the average American family sits down to eat, most ingredients typically travel at least 1,500 miles from farm to plate.  
With the 'Eat Local Week Challenge' you challenge yourself to eat only foods grown, produced and sold within 100 miles of your home. By eating locally raised foods, we are not only supporting local farmers, we are cutting down on the carbon footprint used to transport our food.

The Rules

1. All foods consumed during the week must be made from locally grown, raised or produced items.  The goal is to learn where our food comes from and to recognize the small farms and businesses  in our area.  Making foods at home from non-local ingredients does not count as “locally produced”.

2. “Marco Polo” Exceptions: include salt and spices, olive oil and sugar.

3. Three Life Lines:  pick three non-local items to use for the week.  These items could include such things as bananas, rice or a meal out at a restaurant.

Anyone else participating??


Sioux said...

the hardest one for me is always coffee...I'll trade local butter in and skip olive oil so I can have coffee. In the summer we have tried to be as local as possible the past few years. winter here is rough (salt cod and potatoes??) summer pretty good - seafood, local bakeries and farms - all set. Hoping to be able to afford 5+ acres within 50 miles of where we are in about 5yrs, then the goal is to get as self sustaining as possible for everything...I like your slide show!

Ruta said...

I think I have a slight advantage due to the season and location. Our garden is exploding and we have so many great farms around here, but it will still be a challenge...like coffee...there are some things I imagine I will be craving!!

Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Bela iniciativa...Espectacular....

Ruta said...

Será interessante ... vou seguir em meu blog